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                                      Florence and Tuscany: A Literary Guide for Travellers
Ted 's most recent book, is now available from its publishers, I.B. Tauris. The book follows his successful Literary Guide to the French Riviera, and is the latest in a series of literary journeys featuring interesting parts of the world, enabling the book-minded traveller to retrace the footsteps of the writers who have lived and worked there.
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“Bravo, Ted Jones… this book enriches my own journeys in this fabled land”.

So says Frances Mayes about Florence and Tuscany: A Literary Guide for Travellers. Frances Mayes is one of America’s foremost authorities on Tuscany: her published works include five books based on the region; one of which, Under the Tuscan Sun, has been translated into 18 languages, sold over a million copies and remained in The New York Times Best-Seller List for two years.
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With its historic villages and towns and verdant, undulating countryside, its heritage of medieval and Renaissance art, and above all, its ancient tradition of authorship, Tuscany is an obvious setting for a literary guide. The unique landscape of Tuscany and the art and architecture of its medieval cities have inspired great literature since the works of the Florentine poets Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio in the 14th century, and, later, scientists and politicians like Galileo and Machiavelli
The region has been a magnet for expatriate writers since the arrival in Florence of Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English literature, in 1373, and has proved an irresistible attraction through the ensuing seven centuries: from John Milton and Thomas Gray to Mark Twain, Robert and Elizabeth Browning, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron, D. H. Lawrence, E. M. Forster, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Sinclair Lewis, Muriel Spark, John Steinbeck, Dylan Thomas and many others.
“Having visited Tuscany for more than 15 years”, says Ted, “I thought I knew something about it, but my research over the last few years has revealed just how much there is yet to discover in this diverse region. It has been a fascinating journey. I hope the book will prove the same for its readers, whether exploring for themselves or sitting in an armchair”.
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Ted Jones is a free-lance writer whose journalistic output is wide-ranging. His travel articles have appeared in publications on both sides of the Atlantic, including British magazines Choice, The Lady, Wanderlust, France, Yesterday and Living France, and American publications such as France Today, Writers' Journal, Transitions Abroad and Voyageur. His articles on business management have been published worldwide in several languages and his short stories and poetry have won a number of awards. As a writer for The Guardian he has published articles on subjects as diverse as modern jazz and horse-racing.
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The French Riviera: A Literary Guide For Travellers is a reader's tour of the Côte d'Azur, exploring the works of the many writers who have lived on - and been inspired by - that fabled coastline.
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Copies of Ted Jones's book The French Riviera: A Literary Guide For Travellers may be ordered from AMAZON or from the publisher's web site at I.B.Tauris and from English language bookshops. Publishers in USA & Canada are Palgrave MacMillan.
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REVIEWS - New York Times, 30th July 2006: click here to read Staff writer Seth Sherwood’s article The Barefoot Riviera, which refers exclusively to THE FRENCH RIVIERA: A Literary Guide for Travellers.

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Peter Mayle, author of A Year In Provence said:
"The ultimate travel book for anyone who likes sun and literature. I found it irresistible."
A new edition of Tobias Smollett’s Travels through France and Italy, with a Foreword by Ted Jones, is to be released by I B Tauris on August 31. The book, originally published almost 2½ centuries ago, was an immediate best-seller in its day. It is a record of Smollett's stay in Nice between 1763 and 1765 and tells of his journeys on the Riviera and in northern and central Italy during that period.
     Today, more than ten million people a year visit the French Riviera to enjoy its beaches, its scenery and its climate. Tobias George Smollett, Scottish surgeon, novelist and translator, was among the first of them, and the publication of his book, Travels through France and Italy, his only travel book, is acknowledged as the beginning of the French Riviera’s transformation from an isolated cluster of fishing villages to the sophisticated international holiday destination it is today. The city of Nice, now France’s fourth largest city, showed its gratitude by naming one of its streets after him.
    The book is written as a collection of 41 letters to friends and colleagues at home - a device he would later use so effectively in his most successful novelThe Expedition of Humphry Clinker.
    As an author, Smollett was an inspiration both to his contemporary writers and to many who came after him, his most enthusiastic fan being Charles Dickens, who, as a boy, read and reread Smollett’s works, quoting them in his own favourite novel, David Copperfield.
    As a Riviera resident and author of a literary guide to the region, The French Riviera: A Literary Guide for Travellers, Ted is uniquely qualified to preface the new edition of this important work. Order Travels through France and Italy from I. B. Tauris.
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