Ted Jones - writer
An obsessive jazz fan, Ted Jones has written extensively on the subject. He has been a regular visitor to the Nice Jazz Festival and the Antibes/Juan-les-Pins “Jazz â Juan” Festival for more than a quarter of a century and a member of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London since the 1960s. Although his tastes range across the full spectrum of the music, his writing preference is for modern (ie. post 1940s) jazz. His articles and photographs have appeared in a number of French and English publications and websites.

‘Parker, known universally as Bird, died in 1955, aged 34, his health ravaged by excesses of drugs and alcohol. The police doctor who reported his death described him as ‘about 65 years of age.’
‘In the Clint Eastwood film Bird, Dizzie Gillespie says to Parker, “They’re gonna talk about you when you’re dead, Bird”. They still do.’

(From Ted Jones’s article on pioneering alto-saxophonist Charlie Parker, in The Guardian.)

He is currently compiling a guide to the Jazz Clubs of Europe, and researching a biography of one of his favourite jazz musicians, the revolutionary French jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani, who died in January, 1999, aged 36.

Jazz Fever
Picture and article by Ted Jones
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